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Do I Need Insurance for Undeveloped Property?


If you own undeveloped property, does it need to be protected with a separate insurance policy? The personal insurance section of your homeowners policy may cover vacant land up to a specific limit. If a lawsuit is filed against you for personal injury on the property, the policy limit may be too low.

Personal insurance can be purchased separately or is one section of your homeowners policy – up to a specific limit. If you own undeveloped property, it is in your best interest to have your insurance policies reviewed and ensure you have coverage that offers enough protection against liability.

Claims and Lawsuits: Undeveloped Property Cases

Your vacant property may be accessed by hunters, fishermen, hikers, children, or others. If a person is injured while on your property, you could be held liable. You may plan to sell the property in the future, build a summer home or a retirement home, or use the land for hunting, fishing, or hiking. Whatever your reasons for owning vacant land, you need to be protected from the risk of claims and lawsuits. The policy limits on your personal insurance should be reviewed to ensure your coverage is adequate should another person be injured or die while on your property.

Do You Need Personal Insurance for Undeveloped Property?

Insuring your undeveloped property should reflect how the property is used. If it is accessed by hunters and fisherman, you could be held liable if a hunter or fisherman is injured. You may not be aware that hunters are using your property – but lack of knowledge does not protect you. Undeveloped land can be accessed by dirt bike riders and ATV riders, bringing added risks. Meet with one of our local agents to review your current policies to evaluate the need for additional coverage. 

What Does Personal Liability Insurance Cover?

Personal liability insurance protects against several risks, including:

  • Bodily Injury: If a person is injured on the undeveloped property, this insurance provides coverage. The damages pursued by an injured person may include the cost of medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 
  • Property Damage: You can be protected against certain perils on your personal insurance, such as a falling tree damaging an adjoining structure or fence.  

Personal Liability Insurance and Vacant Land

Your undeveloped land may be covered by your current homeowners policy, but you need to be aware of the limits. You can increase the levels of personal liability coverage on your existing policy, or purchase a separate policy, based on your situation and budget.

You may need to post “no trespassing” signs on your property, or if you allow others access, warning signs for cliffs, ponds, rivers, or other dangerous areas. One of our helpful agents can speak with you about your undeveloped property and advise you about the coverage that makes sense for you. We always look for the best deal at the lowest rate with your budget in mind.

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